Knowing NGOs


DRG Outsourcing is a human capital advisory and support partner of over 20 years’ standing, during which time we have seen continuous change in workplace governance, culture and best-practice. During this time, employers and leaders have faced challenges of ever-increasing complexity.

In keeping with well-established global trends in the outsourcing of business support solutions, we have been delivering ’just right’ HR solutions to our growing client base – local, over-border and transcontinental. Our solutions enable our clients to stay focused on the fundamentals of leading their businesses. We take care of non-revenue producing, but nevertheless essential value-adding HR support activities. With DRG Outsourcing, our clients draw in professional human resource skills on a needs basis.

We also currently deliver Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) services to a diversity of Private Enterprises and Non-Governmental Organisations, ensuring full compliance with all labour laws and other statutory regulations and where appropriate, employing staff on an outsourced basis, as the registered employer.

During the past twenty years, we found ourselves servicing a number of advising and supporting Non-Governmental Organisations, Not-for-Profit Entities and Public Interest Organisations, which have uniquely different challenges compared to private sector businesses and hence the formation of a specialised range of services under a division called NGOFIT.


Through NGOFIT we advise and support Non-Governmental Organisations, Not-for-Profit Entities and Public Interest Organisations, helping you succeed in your mission to serve.

We provide tailored advisory and support services, from start-up to maturity, as your professional and committed partner comprising:

Advice – we provide you with the best possible advice to help your organisation and projects succeed

Support – our company provides you with all the support you will need in order for you to fulfil your mission

Development – we craft the best possible solution that will ensure your organisation reaches its full potential

WHY NGOs? – We work with NGOs because:

  •  We have practical experience in serving a diversity of NGOs, each with their unique missions
  • We identify with their aspirations and purpose
  • We have come to realise they are a particular form of entrepreneurial business founded upon creative ideas; we are drawn to such entrepreneurs and have a great deal of experience in advising and mentoring them
  • NGOs are faced with unique challenges; we are moved by their challenges and gratified by helping them to find unique solutions


  • You have discovered a gap in the “market” whether it be shortcomings in public services or any need in making the world a better place, any need in helping people grow as individuals and any societal need that no one else has thought about or addressed
  •  Often your endeavours are not revenue producing which renders you:

o  Donor dependent

o  Vulnerable to unpredictable cash flow


  • Your start-up costs, before you can demonstrate the value adding potential of your mission are significant, requiring:

o  Faith in your own ability to fulfil your purpose

o  Your ability to persuade your potential donors to invest in your idea and to keep the faith until you deliver results


  • When your idea becomes reality, sustainability becomes an issue – setting up an organisation which delivers sustainable growth. Then your role as founder changes profoundly, needing new skills, just like any entrepreneur